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The Studio Recorders: Equipment 2x Fostex LV 2424 Cubase SX3 Pro Tools Fostex Analogue Tape Recorder Mixers: Soundcraft Ghost (Hotrod to Neve Specs) 2x Behringer MX9000 Presonus Studiolive Digital Desk 2x Allen and Heath Analogue Desks Microphones: Outboard: Monitors: Rogers LS3 HHB LS5P / LS5A Shure SRH 1840 Headphones Beyerdynamic DT100 Headphones AKG K240 Headphones Audio Technica Headphones (20 pairs) Shure In-ear Monitors Audio Technica In-ear Monitors Soundtech Monitor Amps Instruments: Over the years we have collated a colossal amount of equipment,  to list it all here would be exhaustive!!! Whether you want to record Fully digital, completely analogue or something in between, rest assured  we’ve got it covered.